Designed to help you in your choice to become a nurse

This site has been designed to help you in your choice to become a nurse and to help you see the rich diversity of people who study nursing and who are welcomed into the profession.

In Northern Ireland, three Universities provide courses for people who wish to become a registered nurse:

  • Open University
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • Ulster University

The three Universities have come together to promote equality within the nursing profession, in line with the Athena SWAN equality charter.

We believe nursing is a career for people who are caring and compassionate about nursing and we believe in the richness that a diverse nursing family brings to the profession and the care of people, regardless of gender or background.

This resource has been developed collaboratively by staff from all three Northern Ireland Universities:

  • Professor Neal Cook and Dr Debbie Goode (Ulster University)
  • Dr Maria Healy and Dr Mark Linden (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Mr Maurice Devine (Open University)

Explore your future potential career from here

Our students have come together to tell you of their experiences as student nurses.

Watch and listen to the videos to hear about their journeys.

Career for all

Portrays male and female nursing students discussing why nursing is a career for all.

Men in Nursing

Male nursing students discuss why they chose nursing as a career.

Nursing Profession

Social media clip to promote the nursing profession.

Hear from our Chief Nursing Officer Maria McIlgorm

Our Chief Nursing Officer, Maria McIlgorm, provides a welcome to you in your exploration of nursing as a career.

Where to Study

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